We love fashion

Cinderra 21 was founded in 2011 in Barcelona, dedicated to the retail of American clothing. The first store opened on May 4, 2012 A year later, the company opened a second cinderellashoes store because of its great success in introducing new products to the Spanish market.
It is committed to selling at least American clothing, footwear and accessories, established in Barcelona as a pioneering and innovative enterprise, as a new store concept and fashion.

Fashion is life

This is a pioneering American festival product import company, maintaining the same price as the United States. Cinderela 21 originated from the value of "made in America" to provide a perfect combination of quality and creativity.

Feel Unique

The slogan "feel unique" reflects the views of cindera 21, and the company allows everyone to express their personality with exclusive products.
Our tents are mainly for young people, with different designs in autumn / winter and spring / summer.
The cindera 21 style is very personal and creative, young and informal, with different styles and fashion interests to choose from. Everyone's pocket can afford what they sell, which makes the chances of people coming to these stores very different. Decoration is very special and feminine, and makes it different from all the others.